Send me the article of clothing of your choice, to be printed with your number, to: supporter # / hartland villa, 77, rue de charonne, 75011, paris, france.

Contact : - +33 (0)1 42 72 36 02

(NB: the supporter number is in white, printed by heat transfer (150°C), and the material should be cotton.)

Send it with: your name and email address, and 20 Euros, (cheque made payable to Stefan de Vivies), for the purchase and printing of your number.

* The supporter number is personal and unique, attributed in ascending order. It cannot be chosen, and is determined upon receipt of your article of clothing. The price for each number is 20 Euros, and for a duplicate, 8 Euros. Please feel free to contact me for other types of print work.

And finally, once you have received your supporter number, please email or send us a photo of you wearing it.